TJ - Take 17

Hey all,

Here’s the latest from the TJ story…

Embolization was on Monday and it went very well. It took longer than the doc had originally planned, so he finished the left side and we’re doing the right side tomorrow. That’s right, another one.

But the good news is - it went well and there were very minor side effects and I came home later in the day yesterday. I think it was Richard that said something along the lines of “it took me 2 to 4 days to feel okay and 2 to 4 months to feel good.” I can’t say on the months with this one but the days is feeling pretty accurate.

So, tomorrow morning we will be back teasing the techs and the nurses and asking them to get a TV in my room to watch the US Open that’s as big as the one in the OR (it’s like 6 x 8 ft). Hopefully sometime on Friday I can tell you I’m done for the time being and home for Father’s Day.

Thanks for the support, the prayers, and the friendship. It all means a lot.



Thanks for update TJ, great to hear all went well thus far. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow and know we’re in your corner! Take Care, John.


Apparently you’re well above my prayers - and a true inspiration

This sounds unreal to me - 17 embo’s & still going - able to type stuff on here & you definitely sound neurologically intact

Makes my one sound like a walk in the park

Just amazing - truly truly amazing!

I hope for your best well being, that’s the least I can say


Hope you arr doing ok TJ
And happy fathers day