Tiredness and Tremor at back of head

Hi Everyone.
Now i Had a ventriculosTom y as substitut4 my Shunt. How ever , i feel extra Tremor at the head ’ s back and extra Instabilität on my Walking manner.And i notice the BIG Bowel like things on my stomach.
Do some one have the Similar symptoms? What can i do ?
NB : in a month i will meet my surgeon.

Willie, phone your surgeon and tell him your symptoms. Please update us when you hear from him.

Willie, this information is from the Hydrocephalus Foundation regarding symptoms of ETV or shunt failure. Shunt malfounction can be serious, so please don't wait to contact your doctor:

Children and Adults

Vision problems
Irritability and/or tiredness
Swelling along shunt tract
Personality change
Loss of coordination of balance
Difficulty waking up or staying awake (this symptom requires urgent attention as it can potentially lead to a coma)
Decline in academic or job performance
Fever, potentially present with shunt failure or infection
Redness along shunt tract, potentially present with shunt failure or infection
Older Adults with Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus

People who are diagnosed and treated in adulthood, including those with NPH, tend to revert to the symptoms they experienced before initial treatment when they are experiencing a shunt malfunction.

Difficulty walking/Gait disturbances
Cognitive challenges/Mild dementia
Urinary Urgency or incontinence
Fever (sign of shunt failure or infection)
Redness along the shunt tract (sign of shunt failure or infection)

How are you, Willie? Did you get checked out? Is everything okay with the shunt?