Tiredness and dizzyness

Its been 5 months after being diagnosed with a Dural Fistula and am now returned back to work. the dural Fistula clotted so no further treatment is required.
If I do any exercise I get headaches which is followed by extreme tiredness or dizzyness. Is this normal? it was my fitness that stopped things being worse ie the vein splitting etc but don't seem to be able to get back to my previous fitness level.
Does anyone know what back to normal is for Dural fistula sufferers.
I have also been getting tingling in my left hand. Never had anything like this before.
Any insight would be really welcome.

Hi Ricardo I do get similar side effects if I try to do much in the way of exercise, but I did have surgery as I had reached the stage where I was at high risk of a stroke. When I had the surgery they discovered that my jugular vein on the left side was so badly damaged with clotting that they could not repair it so I only have the jugular vein on my right side working leaving me with raised intracranial pressure. This has meant that I am restricted in the amount of exercise I can do and I am on a fairly high dose of pain relief.

I think that you should see your doctor with your concerns as things can change and the fistula can get worse again.

I had a dural fistula removed last July. I haven’t really had any side effects like that I do seem to tire easily but attribute much of that to getting older. It’s always in the back of my mind though but try not to worry. Hope you can get some relief.

I would definitely see my dr.

My first 6 months were full of headaches. I am only on month 8 post embolization of one davf, one scalp avf and one face avf. I have noticed caffeine and heavy exercise make the dural fistula pain more noticeable. I try to restrict my caffeine intake and I don't do heavy cardio or strength training as heavy as I used to. More yoga and walking, smaller weights... no jogging. I get tingling in random places and extreme fatigue but I believe it may be MS (waiting on brain mri) as I had tingling and major fatigue prior to head trauma that caused the three AVFs. I keep a journal of things that I notice that I believe to be related to the embolization, which I recommend doing. Best of luck.