Hi, everyone, sorry it’s been forever, but all I feel like I ever do is take naps. I was told that I’d be a little out of energy for a couple of years, but man…I thought I would never complain about taking a nap! I’ve gotten more used to the vision…public places, where everyone seems to not know how to walk in an orderly fashion, are still startling though…you can’t see someone, then all of a sudden they’re out of your blind spots and are in your face…ahh…but if those are the only complaints I have…hey I’m happy to have them. I am scheduled for another MRI…today my vision was pretty flashy and my head was bothering me, but hopefully it was just a headache.

Hi Jennifer,

Hope the MRI goes well. You’re comment about if your visual problems are all that you have that you feel lucky warmed my heart.

Take care,


Hi Jennifer. I live right up the street in Rocky Mount. I was just diagnosed. I will be seeing a doctor in Chapel Hill. My first appointment is day after tomorrow. I hope you are well. - John