Tired of Side Effects

I was diagnosed with an AVM 2 years ago. (Cerebral - Occepital) I have had both embolization and Gamma Knife radiation, both with no complications. I felt the worst part was the Contrary to what most have said, I did lose my hair a total of 4 times post radiation. The thing that is most frustrating to me is after the radiation, I experienced a huge loss of energy and total loss of appetite. I have not experienced relief from either. This has made it difficult for me to keep up with my family (I have 3 kids, one severely handicapped)... anyway, so frustrating. Tired of feeling this way, although I of course am grateful the AVM was discovered. Anyone experiencing same symptoms and / or found any relief for same? My neurosurgeon is way too busy to deal with my "trivial matters."

Sorry.. WORST part was the Halo for the Gamma Knife.

Who is your neurosurgeon who is too busy? Looking for a new one andi probably wnt to sty away for yours. You can message me the name if you are not comfortable puttingitmon here.