Tips for Panic Attack relief?

So ever since my stroke in 2011, Ive gone through a ringer of panic-attackesque episodes every time i feel stressed out. What any normal person would do is talk it out with a friend or therapist.

That would be swell if thats all the problem was but i do something called perseveration. When i perseverate, its similar to a panic attack because i cant keep negative thoughts at bay. When i first recovered, these experiences were much like short-term hallucination (most likely a mix of the heavy-duty meds + the injury).
Since things back then, Ive gotten a better grip on how to control these episodic dispute but i havent quite "got it down to a science" yet. These episodes dont come nearly as often but when they do they hit like a ton of bricks.....
My main strategy has been waiting it out and though i (personally) have almost "nailed" it; my parents, gf, friends and family are left helpless to do much but wait it out (uncomfortably) with me

I dont want to keep this occurrence as a standard to ive by as it greatly affects those i hold dear in my daily routine. There is damage done but i (of course) want to take any practical step forward in dealing with this issue better and better-aiding my company in a similar manner

Please i know the subject mater is obscure but any advice is goood at this point

Thanku for hearing me out evry1 & hopefully theres some good input out there


Scott D. Harris


Have you discussed anti-anxiety medications with your doctor, Scott?

Hi Scott - Some over-the-counter/herbal remedies are kava-kava root and passionflower; however, you still want to run this by your GP or an MD to make sure it works with other Meds.

ativan 2mg. Get a script from ur doc. -GK

Hi Scott..The doctors I see that don't understand what we've been through aren't much of a help. But at list give your primary care doc a chance. If you have a neuropsyc in your area..they will understand. You will be in my thoughts..

thnku sir i will gladly look into it :)

hey there i actually do see one he kinda helps I've gotten well enough where i dont take celexa anymore for depression issues stemming from the injury all suggestions have circumvented back to similar drugs in which im trying to stead-clear of but if they sou;d help id w/o a doubt at very least try---but no dr of any kind has really offered solutions to perseverating aside from mental exit strategies that I'm seeing at very best work 40% of the time im basically looking to see if anyone has success strategies or meds :/ you're right though; as far as meds my neuro has def been more knowledgeable than any other practitioner ive seen regarding similar matters i guess im just looking for something someones done or taken that helps deal with these handicaps better I'd prefer less meds (favorably) but im willing to try most at this point :/


i have but the biggest problem i think has been the combination of certain ones with neuron tin- which is a def nessecity

awesome input im going to look into it AsaP! :) honestly thnku i really appreciate the advice/useful info :)

I suffer from this also ever since removal and bleed in 2011...i try to think about the fact iam ALIVE to try and help me over come the feeling...God bless but see a Dr & tell your Neuro everything...