Tinkerbells Dream - 9 Year Old Girl Suffers AVM

Hello Everyone...

Today is the 4th anniversary of my wife's bleed. I haven't been on here in a long time. This will sound stupid so I apologize. This website was so incredibly helpful to my wife and myself when we first joined. But the more time I spent on here the more it reminded me of what happened 4 years ago today. It was most devastating event not only in my wife's life, but mine as well. I would sign in and feel so much anxiety that I would just sign out. I'm back today to share a link with you.


If that link doesn't work, go to Facebook and type in "Tinkerbells Dream"
This is a link to the Facebook of a beautiful 9 year old girl I share a city with. In May of this year she suffered an AVM on her brain stem. All of the progress she's made thus far is documented on that page. Her family, like myself has questions and needs all the support you can give. I've given them this websites info and hope to see them on here very soon. Please support them like you supported me.
Again, thank you for everything you have done for my wife and myself. I hope to hear from all of you soon. I plan on being very active on this site once again =o)

~Nikki & John

On my way over to FB right now!

Thank you for recommending the site to someone in need, Nikki and John. I hope Nikki is doing well today!

Thank you Barbara =o)

Your welcome =o) I hope this site can help them as much as it's helped us. Will post an update about Nikki soon.