Is tinglig bad after cervical spinal avm?mybrother is paralysed since he had the surgery and now his feet tingling. Is it bad?


I honestly don’t know but if he had no sensation before and now has tingling, it shows some progress, so I think would be a good sign. In my simple view, when you lie on your arm at night and wake up with little or no sensation in it, you often get a surge of tingling as sensation is returning.

Sounds great to me!


Dear Richard

I thought so when i heard he has tingling but i feel maybe it has a different meaning because i didnt use to know about spasm and when my brothers leg moved i had hope,later i learnt about spasm and my hope turn to sadness.
Thank you for your care

If he has tingling, its possible that the spasms are coming from spascticity. He should be recieving PT a couple times a day, or the nurses should be flexing his legs to eliminate the spactisity and eliminate the spasms. It will also promote healing…

Dear Freind

Thank you for your care. could you please paraphrase what you wrote? I am afraid i dont get what you meant truely because of my English.
Wish you all the best and thank you for your support

The spasms could be coming from poor tone or tension in his feet or legs. To stop this, he should be receiving physiotherapy - exercise of his legs or feet - to combat this.

Does that help?

Yesss, Thank you so much. Does having tingle have a good meaning or a bad meaing?

I think it is good. I think it is normal to get a tingling when sensation returns, like when you lie on an arm at night time. When you wake up in the morning, it always gives a tingle or pins-and-needles feeling before becoming normal sensation.

I hope so. Thank you for your care. I wish the health for every single person.

Could you please tell me the differences between pins and needles and tingling?

“pins and needles” is an English phrase which describes the sensation you feel when you’ve trapped a nerve and sensation is returning. I would describe it as an unpleasant tingling.

If you’ve ever slept on an arm and woken to find it insensitive or dull, it is the knitting-needle-like feeling of sensation returning.

So i guess my brther is experiencing pins and needles. Could you please tell me what having pins and needles mean in avm?
Thank you


I am not a doctor, so I don’t know. The reason it feels positive to me is that if he had zero sensation and now has some sensation, then perhaps his feeling is returning, very slowly.

However, I googled pins and needles and found this:

There is some information about long term pins and needles, being caused by a number of conditions at the bottom of the page, so it may be he will have it as part of damage done by his AVM or during surgery and it might continue. I don’t know whether to think about it as a good thing, or a bad. I’m an optimist, so I want to think good, but it might be not good.

What support do you have from your doctor to answer these things? You really need to be holding them to account for what it might be, what to expect. I would think your local doctor should be supporting you if he is not in hospital any more.

Hope this helps,


Dear Richard

I will try to contact his doctor. Thank you to the moon for your care