Tingling in face and arm right side avm left side

Hi All,

I’m writing to ask if anyone has had this happen to them and if so what was the cause and/or reason for it. For the past 3 or 4 days I have been having these spurts where (on the right side, avm is on left) my face gets tingling and so does my arm. It lasts for up to a minute, and feels different than the tingling feeling with a seizure. Happens one to two times a day. Just started to pay more attention to the frequecy. I havent been taking my medicine exactly like I should but that isnt new. I’m getting a little nervous that this is a warning of a stroke/bleed/hemmorage whatever you want to call it. Should I call my Dr??? I just feel its a waste of his time and I dont want to sound dumb. Maybe its the fact that I dont want to think anything big can be wrong. I had my 2nd gamma knife in Nov 2010. So maybe its from that?? Brain swelling maybe??

Any advice you have would be great. Thanks for reading this and for any comments. Hugs to all hope you are all feeling good and positive!


Yes , I have tingling and numbness in my arms but I’m no doctor and my circumstances are probably very different from yours. So I won’t even begin to guess what that might be. Don’t feel ewmbarrased by calling your doctor to report this. If its something serious and you don’t do anything about it they will berate you so I’d take the chance. It’s not a waste of his time (he’s supposed to be here for you) and you’re not a doctor so no question is too dumb. Just keep listening to your body and know that you have people on your side. Let us know how it goes and best of luck! xoxo

Hi Andrea,
I echo Suzy & encourage you to contact your dr. re: your new symptoms. :slight_smile:
In neuro-land, there is no such thing as a “dumb” question. :wink:
Hope everything turns out 'ok!'
I have L-sided numbness, tingling & burning, but we know it’s from my thalamic bleed (near brainstem) & surgery of 3/9/10…
Take care,

Hi Andrea,

I have nerve damage on the left side of my neck from my surgery, and I get tingling when the weather changes. But I would suggest contacting your dcotor as well since these are new symptoms for you.

Take care,

I think you should call your doctor… I had these feelings (tingling) you have on the left side and couldn’t feel my arm and/or hand sometimes. I also felt like the corner of my mouth was hanging. My AVM is on the right side, and I had a swelling on the right side because of the treatment.
My doctor told me that if there is a swelling on the one side in your head, it’s likely to have deficits on the other side (that’s how the brain works)

But since your last treatment was in 2010 (am I right?) It wouldn’t make much sense if you have a swelling now. Maybe there is another reason?

Good luck with it and don’t hesitate to call your doctor.

Hi Andrea…

We share the same experience, last month i had this frequent sensation/tingling on my face… got trauma with this and been very conscious everything that i felt… so i have to relax and make myself calm down somehow makes me feel better…

Glad i read your blog and the comments…its been very helpful and enlightening.

Ghee its been 4 months already…

Take lots of care :slight_smile: