I am super excited that I got my initial surgical consult moved up from April 30th to April 16th (two less weeks to worry!). Can anyone give me an idea of what to expect at the initial consult? For instance, I am assuming they will have to do some kind of additional testing to see exactly how big my AVM is (angiogram, functional MRI, etc). I am also assuming this will not happen at the initial consult. Assuming I am right, is it your experience that they get these things scheduled quickly? I guess what I am wondering is, what is the timeline from initial consult with the neurosurgeon to treatment?

I am a planner and want to start getting family and friends ready for any help we will need to watch our girls (or watch me for that matter).

I know things vary by doctor and by case, but I was just curious...


I am glad your appointment was moved up! Ah, it is good that you are asking all those questions and want to plan! Do have a list of questions to ask your neurosurgeon! I had my MRI the day before my surgery, because they use it to have the most recent image and to map the surgery. Because i traveled 2000 miles to the surgeon (Dr.Spetzler in Arizona) It was different for me because I only met my surgeon the day before the surgery, for about 5 mins. All my questions were answered by phone. All hospital do things differently, so i think your best bet is to just know all that you want to ask and dont leave out anything. My surgery was schedule by phone 9 days prior to the surgery. It was very fast. But I know people who have surgery dates 2-3 months away.

From my experience, I had an MRI done first. Then I had my initial appt to talk about treatments. My dr then wanted an angiogram. That happened all within a week. He then decided to do embolization which happened about a month later. (Insurance can take a little while to approve the surgery). I know waiting sucks, I think that is the worst part in all of it. I have to wait about a month for my gamma knife and I just want it over with already!! Prayers headed your way! Best of luck

Jess, your consult to treatment depends upon upon a couple of things - if you have choices in your treatment, and the sense of urgency around the AVM. My experience with these particular doctors was a couple of days to do the tests (functional MRI, etc), and a couple of days to digest the choices. It’s reasonable to expect a relatively quick response, depending upon your treatment. I wish you the best!