Time for surgeries and waiting...and more waiting

In Rochester, MN. Embolism was supposed to start at 8am and husband fasted 8 hours and arrived, was prepped and has been sitting and waiting since. The doc said it was being pushed back for some emergencies. It's now 1:18pm so I really hope they get him in soon.

Several pre-op appointments tomorrow. Big surgery on Wed.

Hanging in there and trying not to stress but I think my nerves just my get the best of me yet


We just returned from there last week. I hope all went more smoothly this afternoon and evening. My thoughts are with you this week as you and your husband endure this scary and difficult time.

Best wishes,

Hopefully your husband was able to see the doctor and everything is set for surgery on Wednesday. Please keep us posted. All the best!!

Hoping for a successful surgery today & smooth recovery.
Best wishes coming your way!

Embolism went ok but he had a great deal of pain after (the artries they filled are wrapped around facial nerve). This morning he went in for the big surgery at 8am (20+ hours). All prayers are welcomed!