Time Bomb Goes Off!

It was the day after Christmas, 2001 , I woke up and had a nasty headache and called into work sick. For five days, I laid in bed and could not get rid of the headache, by day six, I began to start acting “funny” ( I went to my daughter’s room and laid in her bed and thought I was in my bed), my hubby took me to the ER, by this time I knew I was having a bleed from my AVM and told them what I thought was wrong with me. The Drs confirmed it. I spent a week in the hospital as it was it small bleed. Two weeks later on my son’s 10th birthday, same headache…yes another bleed.

Months prior to this I had sent my MRIs to Dr. Spetzler in Arizona and had his team review my films and discuss possible treatment for my AVM as I had always been told it was untreatreable. His team had told me about embolizing in hopes to shrink it prior to surgery in hopes to reduce the blood loss. The also felt the a bleed was very high in my case.

Now after having two bleeds, it was time to finally get rid of this ticking time bomb. It was either the AVM or me!!!