Thryoid problems?

I have a question? Have any of you had problems with your thyroid since your gamma knife? I have a total of 10 nodules on mine I am under Dr's care now for the problem.
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I did a search on here for you…
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I also have thyroid nodules, but I didn't undergo Gamma Knife.

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Hello Debbie,
What has come of your nodules if you don't mind me asking? I have had the FNA done and I will have the results on this Thursday. I have pain from the one's on the right I have total of eight on that side and two on the left. Not sure of the size yet. I do know I problems sleeping, swallowing water and solids like pills. I also take deep breaths a lot, and cough when I laugh if that makes since..
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Thank you Barbara for the search!

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Don't mind the question @ all :)

Basically, they have been biopsied twice and found to be benign. My hormonal function tests always come back normal, so the nodules are just something that 's watched. From what I've read and been told, nodules in women generally are benign and a common occurrence.

I also appreciate you posting and you responding back to me. I also have problems swallowing, but no one has said that my thyroid nodules may be part of the problem. I have an appointment with my primary care physician on Monday, and I will ask him about it.

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Hi Debbie,
I had my Dr's appt today and and the biopsy came back inconclusive. So they have decided to remove the whole thyroid. Now I get to play the waiting game again for the next appt.
I hope all goes well with you appt.