As I was looking at the disscussions and reading; I saw this lady's son is 30 years old and has a AVM. Its horror finding your AVM at such an old age, because it can worsen. I found my at 18 almost 19 and it still scared me. One I didn't know what the hell it was, two how was I gonna fix it, three was it gonna be easy. As I continue to read people's stories I find that as you get older the AVM is harder to treat. Its scary, and I feel horrible for everyone who has to suffer from this. I wish everyone would be better off without it. I hope the guy the best!

LOL OMFG!!!! Did you really just say 30 was old????
Personally I'm glad I found my avm after my "young" years. I got to see a lot, experience a lot, go through a lot. I'd hate for this to have happened to me at 19! I know you have no deficits; when I have a moment and think about the things I'll never get to experience, I remind myself of the things I did without worrying about how bumpy or long the walk is, will it cause a seizure? Will it give me motion sickness, vertigo, a migraine?
Things like:
Riding roller coasters without worry, taking a plane trip without calling the nuero for permission first, jumping off a 30 foot bridge into a lake, riding the Gravitron while frying balls on acid, riding on the back of a motorcycle without a helmet with "biker chick boots," taking very long hikes in high altitudes, painting a mural on a ceiling while standing on any piece of furniture that will help me reach; painting for 12 hours straight. Going to a club for the first time when I was 21, getting completely sh-t faced drunk, dancing like a mad woman on a stage with colored lights over my head like I was a pro at it (I really can't dance and never could, but when you're drunk...). Going to a Slipknot concert when I was 22, getting tossed in a mosh pit and waking up hours later on my bedroom floor with a bruise under my left eye and footprints on my shoulder (no idea how that happened). Running with my son on South Padre in the middle of July. Breaking into a privately owned ranch when I was 20 just so we could piss off the bulls! They almost rammed the Eclipse we were in (not a sturdy car at all) Oh, climbing onto the roof of the elementary school down the street from my house when I was 16 just so we could run to the edge and jump! Going to Schlitterbahn and riding every single big slide we could squeeze into one day. Taking a week long road trip through Texas (didn't have to worry about my hip back then). Or riding the Greyhound cross country. Some of those things I wouldn't recommend but most of them I wouldn't do now because of the disabilities/deficits the avm left me with. I'm glad that after I moved out of my dad's house at 19, I decided I would live for me and damn the consequences! Now...I don't regret the choice to be stupid LOL Without these memories I'd be very sad and on top of everything else an avm'er must overcome, I'd also have to overcome the fact that I'd never risk anything again. I feel the opposite from you; I'm glad I had a chance to live before I was cursed with the realization that mortality is real and life can end at any second...literally. And, wait until you're 30, it'll come quicker than you think and it's not as old as you think now.

I’m 52 so I should be offended that you said 30 was old(lol). An AVM is a horrible thing no matter what your age!!!

Hi Veronica. YIKES…if 30 is old…I am in real trouble. LOL. Actually the amazing/unfortunate thing about AVMs is that they do not care about age…sex…religion…race…sexual orientation. Youngest member on here…the AVM was found while the child was developing in the womb at 34 weeks. Eldest member is in his 80s!

I must be really old and I survived a ruptured AVM at age 50. But young or old, the results are what they are and our attitude is what helps us keep on going.

Not trying to affend no ones age. Misty you are a hero. I think it got hard on me the actual day of my surgery. I don't even remember to much, just what my mom tells me. March is like a blurr to me :/.

Hi Veronica! I understand what you are trying to say. The older one is the chances of survival or recovery are affected. The Dr. told my husband I was lucky to have survived and the rest was up to me. Well It is up to me now. AVM's affect us all in different ways, young or old. It is sad when you are young. It is also sad when you are old. Look at the bright side we are alive. Enjoy every moment we feel good.
Cheers and blessings. Your AVM friend, Misty

Ha thank you Misty yes I do have my moment where I am affect from my AVM but I am thankful that I did beat it.