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Thoughts on discontinuing treatment


Just a cautionary thought on the idea that doctors are “practicing.” Yes, they are. Medicince and the human body and everything that can impact it is largely a vast

That being said, doctors are not “practicing” in the sense that one practices in order to learn how to catch a ball. They already know how to catch a ball, they have years of education and training behind them. Now, they’re trying to figure out how to catch a quail egg that’s been thrown like a ball from 1000 yards away. This is a much different thing!

I’m a big believer in questioning everything and education yourself as much as you can but I’m also a believer in listening to the people who have the experience and education to back up their ideas. Be careful not to dimiss the idea of “practice” or being practiced on too quickly.




You’re right. You remind me of Letter from Doctor to Patients with Chronic Illness.

Though I also get that when it takes several diagnoses to get from more common stuff to this thing called an AVM, sometimes it feels like they’re practicing in that less complimentary way. So I see it both ways.

But the letter above is a great reminder of the problem :slight_smile:

Lots of love. And you’re right. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: