Thoughts and prayers

I had a good fall a week ago Saturday. Concussion like symptoms. Pretty good yesterday and today. Taking my 15 year old on a snowboarding trip to Colorado. Fly out tonight. It’s a lot to bite off. Risky. Wish me luck.

Making memories, enjoy the trip! Take Care, John.


Best of luck! Considering a similar trip skiing with my teenager next month.


Walking is going to be a major issue if you have balance issues like me. Scooter seems to go well everywhere you need. Handicap entrances are hidden but around. Denver Airport is ADA friendly. Keystone is 2 good hours of challenging driving. Do like I did and stay in Golden to split it up and drive before or after rush hour. Rent 4wd/awd vehicle. There is accessible ski experiences but I didn’t book/research. So far so good!

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You fell down, but you got up! Praise God. Have a wonderful time with your Son.

Sharon D…