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Thought this may be worth a mention: wrist access angiogram

I’ve been reading on here and have seen a lot of mention recently about members getting their angiograms done, whether it be for diagnosis or treatment. I was dreading my most recent angiogram because when I got one done three years ago in conjunction with my gamma knife radiation, it was a difficult recovery for me. However, at the consult with my neurosurgeon to discuss my last angiogram, he explained that he will now be going in through my right wrist instead of the groin. I was elated to say the least. The day of my procedure they did prep both my right wrist and my groin just in case but they were in fact able to get in through the wrist. My postop was quick and was no need to lay flat for hours like when I got it done through the groin. My recovery the week after was a literal breeze in comparison to the same procedure three years prior. I’m not sure if this is a new or “cutting edge,” but I haven’t seen it mentioned recently and thought I would share. Being on this journey almost 4 years post bleed, I am always willing to help the next person :upside_down_face:


Interesting, hadn’t heard of that before, great to hear it went a lot better! I hope to not get another angiogram, next for me is MRI in two years to have a peak and make sure nothin odd has occurred. Take Care, John.

I know UCSF can do it this way, when I asked my dr at Stanford he said no because he wanted to look at both sides of my brain.
We are in a holding pattern right now for me.

Brilliant information. Thanks

Thank you for the information. I have had three procedures done at UCSF, all through the groin, and all difficult recoveries. I will keep this in mind if I have to have another one.

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@Cindy_A I recall reading about in the SF chronicle but can’t find it now but here’s a video from 2011 to the heart
I think the article was about the same time.

Hi there!
I’ve had both groin proceedure which took 5 hours in post surgery to stop bleeding plus a bruise the size of a dinner plate which took a couple of weeks to clear up and reduce mobility for a couple of days. The second done through my wrist was excellent. No issues what so ever. I got the impression that it’s down to the skill level or experience of the surgeon. When I asked him why he was going in through my wrist he simply said confidently ‘’ because I can’’. I think it’s a more difficult method but that’s just the impression I got. My surgeon Dr Philips who operates out of Perth Australia is my experience excellent. I hope the wrist proceedure is the way of things to come!

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Wow that is great news Jeannie. I wish my neurosurgeon was as smart as yours. I have had 3 angiograms through the groin and have gone through pure heck with all 3. I will NEVER have another one through the groin. The answer is always the same anyway “there is nothing we can do for you”. I am so happy for you.

J, you are RIGHT about all of us who made it thru the procedures that we chose, it must be to help OTHERS in our situations!

Hi! Last month they did my catheter access through my right wrist instead of my groin. It definitely allowed me back on my feet faster.


I’ve got one scheduled this week coming and directed to this post… I’m glad there’s others here that have experienced this first hand as I’ve been a little concerned… God bless!

Not having to lie flat for a long time seems like a much better idea :+1:

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That procedure last year was a literal breeze in comparison to the one I got done before to the groin. I would definitely ask if it is an option for you, because the recovery time was a day or two instead of two months for me when they went into the groin. I couldn’t walk right for a while, good luck!

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Thank you for the feedback… God bless!

I just had my two year angiogram. They told me over the phone that they like to do the wrist now, but it would depend on if they could get a good vein. They wait until you are in there and then decide. I have not had issues with the last two that were in the groin. They did do this one through the wrist and it is much easier to recover from. It’s only been twenty four hours and I feel fine. No pain or bleeding. Plus the Doc said there is a lower risk of complications.
Thanks for posting about it. That definitely put my mind at ease.


I’m so happy to help! :slight_smile: I’m glad to hear that you received the all clear. Keep us posted on your recovery, I know I was very pleased with my recovery going in through the wrist. For whatever reason when they went in through the groin, it was a very painful recovery. I am always willing to help anyone, but especially someone who has been in my shoes.

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I just had one done from the wrist 2 weeks ago and the recovery was much faster. The only thing is it felt like the contrast was much more aggressive… the doctor said they were more aggressive with it so that they could get really clear pictures and I got very sick after. I threw up and was nauseous for days. My neck and tongue was sore for a day and even now 2 weeks later my wrist is pretty bruised and tender but I would prefer this wrist access over the groin any day! Being able to get up and go home so soon and being mobile made a huge difference.

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Hi. That’s really interesting, thank you. I wonder if they do it at the UCLH hospital in London, as I’m hoping to have one this year. Is it less of a risk of a stroke through the wrist? Thanks. Gill.

Hi Gill, I was advised there are less risks overall but the general risk associated with Stroke etc remains the same… the concept of the wrist is that it requires less time to heal and to recover compared to the groin and also decreases the risk of major bleed from the main artery… God bless!

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Thank you, its great to know there are less risks. I wonder if they may cancel scans and angiograms now though what with the coronvirous virus! I hope everyone is OK.