Thoughly Disgusted With The Healthcare System


Latest on Lacey’s medical situation

St. John’s in Santa Monica just gave us the bad news, after two weeks of discussions they informed Lacey that she was denied because she does not live in Santa Monica, well they knew she lived in Cypress , Ca from day one, You would think they could come up with a better excuse than that.

The financial department is willing to give her a huge discount and only charge $36.000.00, we know it’s a great price, but they will not accept payments they want the money up front.

"I can’t belive my life is worth so little, I have a doctor ready and willing to help (free surgery) and still I get the surgery I need"
Lacey Rouse

Thank You

That is just disgusting! So much for the Catholic theology of helping people in need! How can they turn her away? I am so sorry to hear this! Is there anything the doctor can do?

Hello Jamie

Thank you for taking to the time to comment and care, When Dr Kazaan first dieected my daughter to the Charity group at the Hosoital he told her “if this does not work out just let me know and I will take care of it” we all wondered what that means exactly, Well we will soon find out, My daughter is waiting for a call back from Dr Kazaan to see what that ment exactly, I friend of mine told me that doctors have a lot of pull at there hospital and the he could put some presure on the Charity Board members that denied my daughter the help she needs, I am goinf to see that financial office as welll and talk to them as her father, so far they have only spoken with my daughter I think it’s time they heard from the parents, my daughter is 27 years old so I don not know if it will do any good, I just keep moving forward and taking the next step until this is over, I must trust in God and be willing to accept God plans whatever it may be, Thank you again for your support.

Mario Ontiveros

HI! I m sorry to hear that…

Prayers with you all, don’t give up!

Doctors do tend to have a lot of pull! I hope you get the news that your daughter and your family deserve!! Lacey’s life is a priceless. Give her my love and tell her to keep fighting! And from the 2 wonderful little ones in your arms I can see she has a lot to fight for.

Steven Leary said… Mario,

I am saddend to hear this news. I do not understand how things like this can happen. $36,000 is a small price to save a childs life, I can not understand how they will not allow you to pay in payments. I wish I had more money because I would give it to her in a heartbeat.

Sir, you are a wonderful man who obvoiusly loves his family. You stay strong, stay positive and God will find a way to take care of Lacey.


I’m so sorry your daughter is having these troubles. I have thought of her and hoped she was doing well. Keep at it with the hospital and doctors really do have a lot of influence. I would try talking with him again.

I know it’s so discouraging - and scary! Like you said, you’ve got to keep moving forward.

Take care.

Hello Jean

we are still waiting to hear back from the doctor, i plan to visit the hospital and have a talk with them as Lacey’s parents, I do not know how much good it will do or if they will even listen to me as Lacey is 27 a adult, I will take Lacey with us and they will have to listen ?? we have been chipping away everyday, starting in march I am hiring Lacey and she will be on my payroll, I am a small business owner, and adding her to my group policy insurance, it will put a large finincial burden on us, our small business has struggled just like most small business in this economy, everyday we pound away and move forward and everyday there issomething new, we just keep moving forward, pray, pray, pray and more prayer, keep the faith

Thank you