This was really cool!

Yesterday Jaclyn was a bridesmaid in my sister in law's wedding. The day was perfect and the reception was a blast! The amazing part was that Kate and Ryan made TAAF a special part of thier day. In leu of favors, they made a donation to The Aneurysm and AVM Foundation! (TAAF) We thought that was such a very awesome idea! Thanks again Kate and Ryan!

That is the coolest thing ever!!! I’m all tearey eyed over here after reading this! What a great thing to do in general, but how very special for J that she got to be part of the wedding in TWO very special ways. That is so awesome. LOVE it!

That is great!!! I was at a wedding in may that had the same concept. Instead of TTAF it was for cancer. If i wasn’t already married I would have done this as well. Give them much thanks from me for thinking of all us avm survivors :slight_smile: And how honored Jacklyn must have felt with being ion the wedding and a special favor to support her :slight_smile:

That is so touching. Many thanks to this thoughtful couple, and may they be blessed a thousand times for their charity! Awesome!

WOW! What a wonderful thing to do!!!