This time 3yrs ago!

This time 3yrs ago, I was in surgery to have my AVM removed. My amazing Neurosurgeon saved my life! I was in surgery for 14hrs as my AVM was much bigger than expected. My family were told to get to the hospital asap as I would not survive surgery as it kept bleeding. He had to go deeper & deeper into my brain, and he had to remove some viable brain tissue. The next night, he had to go back in again as my brain was swelling up too much, so he put in drains. I was then put into an induced comma for 3 weeks. Many weeks after, I was finally taken out of ICU & as soon as that happened, I had a Grand Mal seizure, then another that night, so back to ICU.
After 5 weeks, he told my family that I would survive but he had no idea in what state I would be in.
I went into hospital on 7th July 2009 and got home on the 29th September 2009.
During this time, I have no memory at all. On getting home, I had to re-learn every thing again, had no memory, didn't know what had happened to me. My Neurosurgeon said that I wouldn't get better due to the brain damage.
Now, in three years later I would like to let you all know that you CAN recover from brain damage! By the Grace of God, great speech patholigist, family & friens, I am getting & better. In 2010, I found this wonderful Survivors Network & the members here have helped me to be positive, to help others & to be really determined to keep working on my recovery!
Thank you all for your continual support; I am SO GRATEFUL to everyone here, because without you, I have no idea how I would be.
Thank you again & God Bless. xxxx

Congratulations! I know how important these anniversaries are! I'm very happy for you:) Keep up with the great work! are the most inspiring example of how an AVM're can Survive! Because of our meeting on the AVM Survivor Network, you have provided amazing friendship and joy in my life! I thank God for you every day! Keep the Faith, dear Lesley!

Hey Lesleye - Congrat!

I, too, had something put in my brain to release "hot air"-go figure =) so that my brain size wouldn't exceed my skull...small world =)

Anyway, congrats - I consider it a new "birth", so Happy Re-Birthday! - you get 2 birthday dates - awesome-more cake and ice cream! Enjoy!

I thought everyone had drains put in after surgery[?] Am I so incredibly misinformed that maybe I should make a very expensive road trip to see my neurosurgeon for a very expensive consultation to find out exactly what went down in my surgery? I haven't seen him since the day after my surgery as he kept cancelling all my follow-up appointments and then I lost my insurance so I no longer have coverage to see him......maybe I should put myself in debt one last time because of that darn avm LOL

Happy anniversary, Lesley! :)