This Journey is almost over

OMG, I have tried to write this twice. The first time I hit the wrong button and lost it. The second time I hit the enter button and site was down for maintainance. Third times the charm. First, Andrew and I are at the hotel and Rick is back in St. Louis. Andrew is doing so well that we will fly out Thursday to St. Louis, not sure when we go back to Indiana. Best of all the !$%& AVM is GONE!!! Andrew appears to have no deficits and will not need any PT or OT, yeah. There is nothing good about an AVM, but because of it I have met many amazing people (in person and on the internet). The second day we were here we had lunch with David Brandon (fellow AVMer), his wife Terri and her Aunt. They are the most wonderful people you could meet. He picked us up and took us to lunch, called and visited for updates on Andrew and his wife made the greatest care basket you have ever seen. These people were complete strangers, except for the common fact of the AVM. With in seconds these strangers felt like family and will always be in my heart. That evening we met up with a couple by the name of Diane and Jim. They had us over for dinner and some games of pinball, which is a hobby of ours. If you have been to Andrew’s web page you’ll see the outpouring of messages from all over the world. Most of these people don’t know us, but because of a request of a young boy, they have taken time to send messages. Between this site and Andy’s web page it helped me remain sane during his surgery. Thanks to everyone for your support. If you just reach out it is so awesome how good people truly are. Remember to visit Andrew’s web page and leave messages

I hope this post.


Wonderful news Janice!!! Remember to take care of you too! We are all thinking of Andrew.

Wow! So excited to hear how well everything went and that you guys are on your way home soon. I’m sure Andrew is anxious to get home as well.
So glad that you guys were able to join up with David. Funny cause I think he had only joined a few weeks before you guys went out there. It was meant to be!!!
And you are right. None of us “WANT” this…but look how lucky we all are despite it. We do have a wonderful AVM family and I think your story is a perfect example.
I’m so happy that the $#*&^# AVM is gone! Definately worth celebrating.

I think this has been some of the best news I have had in awhile Janice! We can do the happy dance here for Andy! It says a whole lot that they let you guys leave today. Andy is fighting hard and because of it doing SOO very well. A lot of his recovery has to do with you being a wonderful mother. Supporting your child when they hurt is so very hard. I think that one of the hardest parenting moments comes each time I walk away from Arie as she goes to sleep for a procedure. Janice, I bow to you and your husband for being wonderful caring parents that understand the value of your child!
Congratulations to you all!!

woo hoo…fantastic…so happy for you all xxx

Wonderful news, Janice! CONGRATULATIONS, ANDREW!

Hello Andrew and Janice !!!
(Kids and Moms do all of the hard work…)

Oh my! What wonderful news!!! This is the best news I can read on this site. I love it!!! I know how happy you are. Lots of love!!! xxxxxxxx

So good to know Andrew is doing so well!! Way to go!!