This is

Please tell me what else I can do for my boredom –
My vision is still VERY unstable.
I still have AWFUL coordination.

I cannot watch TV too long due to my vision.
Same to computer

hi mariko… i understand how you feel for i have a similar condition before, but it’s my left eye… uhm, i wonder if it will be better for you to have people around you to talk to or listen to music perhaps to help you overcome boredom.

i hope this one helps… i wish you well…

Video and computer games are out. How about finding some cheap yoga DVDs on eBay? Or buying a music instrument and getting some self-instructional videos at the library?

What about renting some audio books from your library? I know you mention bad coordination, how are your finer motor skills? Could you knit? Arrange times with your friends for phone calls.

Thank you!
My fine motor skills are really bad, I cannot see things well, whole world is moving on me, and very very dizzy every day.

My mom is helping me taking shower, I still cannot walk by my own(I did walk from recovering a stroke)

I am still dealing with an ataxia.

I will try your ideas !