This is a good day

At least, I meant today to be one.

It is raining here in the UAE. A surprise, for it didn’t pour last year. It rained two years ago but for half a day only.

Now it has been raining for two days in a row now. How I wish it could wash away the pain that I feel.

But as Alice recommended, visualize. Today is a good day. I just have to mean it to be one. I’d eventually walk. I’d eventually eat. I’d eventually write. I’d eventually smile.

I can do all of them anyway. Just not as properly as before.

It has taken Margaret five years to write legibly again. There’s a computer software to redirect my fingers in keying words.

I just have to cover my mouth when I smile. Mama has became very good at spoonfeeding me.

I can still roam around our house. Malls and other recreational places always have seats for my kind.

Not to abuse the ‘comforts’ my condition brings but it really gladdens me whenever I see a walkway for people in wheelchairs. Whoever has thought of it must be granted a Nobel Peace. There’s also always a separate cubicle for my kind in comfort rooms.

I wish I will still think this way tomorrow.