Thinking to hard?

Bootsie says the more he tries to think about doing or saying something the further away it names, colors...words etc. Does anybody else experience this? The harder he tries to remember something the further away it goes..

I get moments when I have this trouble. It'll sometimes last a whole day. The most common words or things that we've been using since childhood. I can't remember it for the life of what it's called. I'm always forgetting things. That's my life now.

So is what I do is, I write everything down that has some importance to it. And.. if it wasn't for spell check, my spelling wouldn't be good either. I love my spell check!... LOL I have an ongoing grocery list that I keep on my refrigerator. When I run out of something, I write it down immediately. Another thing I do is, I'm always writing notes on my calendar. Even if it's something I'm going to do in two days. I write it down. My conversations get funny. I've been know to stop mid-sentence because I can't think of what I was going to say. My friends are so use to it, we just laugh at it.

For me, it means I need to lay down and rest. And wait for it to pass. It's one of those times that the more I try, the worst I get. I learned to relax and accept it. Then it will often clear up much quicker. I don't know what causes it but, I do know stress makes it worst. At least for me it does.


There is actually a name for it. It is called presque vu. Also known as TOT: Tip of the Toungue phenomenon. This becomes Anomic aphasia when it occurs more than just occasionally and that typically is characteristic of brain damage.