Thinking about a Saebo

I just passed the two year mark since my AVM ruptured and the stroke that left me with left sided hemiparesis. I’ve seen the Saebo for my hand, but I’m not sure that I have enough function left to make it effective for me.

If you’ve had experience with a Saebo, I’d really appreciate some input. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Keep fighting, Tim!

You’d better believe it, Louisa. I’m like the Rocky of AVMs - “Yo Adrian!”

It's been almost 8 years for me and I still keep fighting! It's the only way!

Thanks Louisa. :slight_smile:

I’m also left side hemiplegic. I have no use of my left hand for4years since my stroke. My OT recommended bioness. My problem was the sales rep, not the product. You should look into it. I was able to open my left hand for the first time with it. My OT said SAebo is cumbersome and not user friendly. Hopefully, your insurance will approve for the device.

Thanks, Pawana. I looked at Bioness for my leg and foot (I have foot drop), and Blue Cross wouldn’t cover it because it wasn’t considered therapeutic. I couldn’t justify the $10k cost since I have an AFO that works almost as well.
I will take a look at Bioness for the hand and arm, because it would be great to get some functionality back. I’m going on Medicare in February so a fresh look may be worthwhile. Thanks!

Hi Tim, Sorry I cant add valued input on this one, But wanted to mention that your a inspiration with the fact that you keep fighting no matter how hard life may get and your still here trying to help others before yourself :) , Thanks for your support here its very much valued :)

Thanks, Martin. You made my day! :slight_smile: