Think I am losing it

I think I am losing it

Over the last week or so I have been having an increase in head pains, not headaches but shooting pains in the right temple. Last week I had to drive to the driving license place to get mine renewed. On the way back I was not paying attention and started driving down the wrong side of the road, I did not realise this until I saw a car approaching in the distance. I must of reverted to driving like I did in England on the other side. I also have difficulty finding places since I was diagnosed , thankfully my wife got me a GPS for my birthday. She said she had never met someone so in need of one. Lol.

Well I ended up going to the doctors yesterday to get checked out. They gave me a CT scan and think there might be a little swelling around the gamma knife site. They increased my Lamictal and put me on steroids and told me I am not supposed to drive until I get an MRI and the go ahead from doctor. Not driving is really going to make things hard, obviously they dont live in the real world, We cant afford for me to go taking unpaid days off. I will just have to figure something out.