Things you can and can't do with an unruptured AVM

I am an active tennis player who was coaching the boys varsity team at my high school until my diagnosis. Given that my numbness/tingling episodes typically occur when I am exercising, I was advised to basically stop doing all activity. Those of you who have unruptured AVMs but who are experiencing other symptoms (seizures, etc), are you following the same protocol. I am assuming it is because exercise increases blood pressure which, in turn, increases the liklihood of another seizure or is it because the increased blood pressure increases the liklihood of a stroke/rupture? And while there is no way around this next question ... what about sex? My husband is particularly curious about this. :)

Have you talked with a neurosurgeon? Mine has told me that nothing specific, including the above mentioned activities, will cause your AVM to suddenly rupture. Of course, doctors opinions vary so I don't advise you to take that with anything but a grain of salt. I can be sitting at my desk and my head pressure get so bad that I feel like it's going to explode. Just sitting. So, documenting your activities and then when the numbness/tingling episodes occur might be helpful. Are you on a seizure medication? I'd be sure to take that if so. Welcome to the group and keep your head up!

Kinda funny but this is how I found out about my AVM. Sex started to have a not so happy ending with it instantly turning into the worst headache for hours afterwards.
I did not have a bleed, so they say, but the pain was horrible and I could feel my heartbeat/pain in my head for hours!

I haven't talked to the neurosurgeon yet, but I did talk to my neurologist who recommended that I not do anything at least until my neurosurgeon appointment since I tend to have the seizures when I exercise. But I am on anti-seizure meds...I guess it is better to be safe than sorry.

Oh no! It kinda makes sense. The "happy ending" provides extreme pressure to the head and drastically increases blood pressure.