There is hope!

I haven't been on this site that much lately. I think at a certain point, I just had to let go and start focusing on living again. It has been over a year since my bleed. I barely remember the months I spent in a dark room by myself, frighted by the future and another bleed. After the stroke light and sound were unbearable, so even when I ventured outside of the house the world was dimmed by sunglasses and ear plugs. I remember feeling hopeless and doomed, but there is always hope. I have been very lucky so far, and I wanted to share some things I learned that gave me hope.

* This moment does not determine your future. Yes the possibility of risks are there, but they haven't happened yet. Spend time on whats in front of you now. Your energy is probably limited so spending it on things that haven't happened will not help you with the potential of the recovery in front of you.

* Don't forget to celebrate the small things! Brushing your hair, taking your first steps, or even lifting a glass are huge victories! They should be celebrated. Talking about the new things you can do makes you feel good, and helps motivate you to regain something else.

* It is what it is. It is incredibly hard to face a "new you". I found when I let go of what I thought life should be and said to myself" it is what it is". I gained the courage to make the best with what I had.

These are things that helped me. I hope by sharing them they may help someone else too.PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if you think you are depressed find help. You are important, and investing in your well being is important! If anyone ever needs an understanding ear feel free to write me!

Congratulations on being over a year post bleed, Melissa! Small victory report: I loaded dishes into the dishwasher yesterday. I'm 2 years post bleed,and this is taking a long time - but I'll take what I can get!

Congratulations on all the things you have accomplished since it happened. I am not an avm victim, but my 34 year old son has learned he has one that is better left unoperated on. I would take it in a minute if I could have it instead of him. Your words are encouraging and I wish you continued progress in good health.

Congratulations Ann! I think that is a huge victory, especially after working for two years to get there!

Lea, I wish you and you son all the best. I'm not sure if your son would want to do this, but Dr. Robert Spetzler and his team in Arizona will review the case for $100. I was thinking about going to him if the my radiation didn't work.