There are any chances of getting any insurance or mediclaim policy

there are any chances of getting any insurance or mediclaim policyto people like me who had gonethrough surgery & radio surgery. or this defect will remain with u untill u much % of getting blooding after first blodding & how could we convay any insurance comp by showing all this previous history.because it happened suddenly at age of 24 without showing any symptons in the span of 24 yrs of my life.

Hello Borawake,
I see according to your policy you live in India. Do they have any generic insurance that you can qualify for. I live in California and because I was put on disability because of my AVM I qualified for Medi-Cal which is state insurance that will cover my medical costs. Ask your doctor as well if there are any programs that can assist you. We have something in common… I was 23 when my symptoms started to show up and was misdiagnosed for a year. When I was 24 is when they found out what I actually have. I hope this helps in some way. I wish you the best on your journey.