Therapy Discharge

Has anyone ever felt that the therapists purposely had you fail some evaluation tests in therapy?
My husband was discharged from therapy on Monday. And I know of at least 2 tests that they obviously did differently and looking back at them it felt like it was so Scott would fail them.
He has been progressing constantly, even walking WITHOUT the cane last week.
Im just dumbfounded.

Danielle and Scott Hawkins

I was discharged from therapy earlier this year, and felt the same way. The decision was insurance driven. I felt like I was still making progress, but the insurance doc (yes, they have a doc on staff to review the therapist’s notes) felt I had leveled off and could continue strengthening exercises on my own.
I was furious at first, but decided it had to happen at some point. It felt like I was on the high wire without a net, but with time it got better. It was another step on my journey to accepting the new normal.
I decided that I won’t be defined by the insurance company or the therapists, and continue to do what I can on my own. Keep moving forward, one day at a time… :slight_smile:

I was willing to take all sorts of unnecessary risks to try NOT to get kicked out of therapy. But I was an outpatient on and off for 3.5 years and was discharged permanently in October 08. I am curious, though - what kind of tests did he "fail?"

I have been discharged when (1) they felt I could do the same things at home; I had plateaued and needed to "incubate" more so I could be taken to the next level (2) I had progressed beyond the level hat conventional rehab could give me.

But in both instances I fought it. I told my Personal Trainer I hated him bc this was his fault. #TrueStory. I was upset bc Rehab was the only thing I knew since waking up. But when it happened I had already decided that Recovery does not end with Rehab. There are ways around this. Email me! :) don't worry. I know, this feeling sucks. I purposely asked my last PT to cut me loose really slowly bc I couldn't take it emotionally. She did it over 8 months. I'll alway be grateful for that.

Oh, yeah - I might go back to PT. I went for an evaluation a couple weeks ago and recruited Trainer D to come with me. 2 years ago I "interviewed" at his gym alone because I was venturing out to build my post-Rehab recovery team. I cannot tell you what a blessing it was to have an ally this time. The end of Hospital-based Rehab can mean it's time for you and Scott to start choosing, e.g. I want to do XYZ. I only went to this new PT evaluation bc I said, I'm interested in what I read on your website about breathing, posture, muscle symmetry and its impact on pain - but my schedule and budget are maxxed out so if you think it would be beneficial for me to participate, I would need to know the kind of time and money commitment we're talking about.