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The word of the day is “neuroplasticity”


As in, the only way to really make a difference with my hearing, cognitive/memory/speech issues, eye brain communication, and auditory processing (as in - how can I hear my wife when the heat kicked on or my teenager was rapping instead of doing his homework) is thru neuroplasticity. What’s that? It’s attempting to train your brain to do what needs to be done - but in a different way.

Is it likely that it will work? No guarantees - but what do I have to lose in trying it. So the question…

I know there are a number of apps you can get for your phone or tablet. I’m thinking that once the weather changes, I hope to Benoit walking the dogs 30 min a day. I can certainly make the time time to do memory games on my iPad. So which ones are the best ones?

Thanks in advance and love and clear heads and quiet ears to us all. raises his glass of ice tea in the general direction of Merl and David. Cheers!


For me there is no one answer; I do a variety as I think your brain gets accustomed to any one brain game so I mix it up.
I do the general brain games that are out there to try to help my memory other cognitive issues I also do word search and chess to help with my Homonymous hemianopsia and force myself to scan more with my head than with my eyes.
I think the key is forcing your brain to try a variety of things to help stretch those brain muscles so to speak…