The Wedding! (Pictures up)

I am finally back from the loooonnnggg trip to the wedding. It just now occured to me I have no pics of my daughter in her dress (she stayed pretty busy corralling the baby, a full time task I assure you!) The Wedding was HOT even at 10:30 AM, but they exchanged thier own vows and it was beautiful. Then we went out to eat, and I helped babysit the kids while they went on a quick honeymoon. If she looks big its because shes six months pregnant (with a boy :slight_smile: ) and I can tell you, one more week, that dress wouldnt have fit lol but I thought she looked like a princess, the whole trip was amazing, but it was ruined for me… Not going to spoil the moment here but wedding wise it was great.

hey Jo what happened that part of the wedding was ruined for you? R u better now?

Hi Joe,
Love the pics. Your the one who looks like a princess! Wow, you are beautiful ! I’m happy you enjoyed the day! Babysitting doesn’t sound to great for me! I tried to watch my niece and nephew over that week end also to give my sister and hubby a night out on the town. Wow , just love them so much but realized that i don’t have the energy to get up and go anymore! SO good luck with all that. Sorry things took place to hurt your time! I sure know how that feels. Share if you want but I understand! can’t BE WHAT we were to anyone! Thank you for b-day Angel card. So beautiful! Wish I could paint! I love that picture. So dear friend, rest now, best of luck with the kids !
Sending Angel light and love!..d