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After my surgery, in 2002, I was far too out of it to
read any AVM websites, even if I had a PC available to use.
My wife did go online to such a site and she looked through the many dozens of stories to find a survivor with a case history like mine who had enjoyed a successful and speedy recovery. She later told me that she found none. She wasn't
one to quit easily, however, and she continued to pray and
continued to not authorize the doctors to let me just die.

The problem was, of course, not just whether I would live or not, but whether I would recover sufficiently to walk and talk, and live, and laugh and enjoy life in at least some ways. There was no guarantee that I would ever do any of those things again, ever. Living might well be perhaps
worse than dying.

When I started to recover some and got to go home, I
was glad, but I wondered if I would survive for any
length of time or die in some much more painful way.
It was a gamble, but it all worked out and I thank
again my doctor, and my wife and God for my survival.
It is an amazing world.

Hi John, I am thrilled to read another posting by you. I have been called a miracle and you certainly are one. Our spouses have a lot in common for my husband was told at the hospital to just let me die but he wouldn't accept that so he came every day for 9 weeks morning until night. Now I remember nothing about that time and finally last summer, after a third friend told me about my husband's experience, my brain comprehended what my husband had endured. I thank God every day for my husband and I also pray that I never forget what my husband has done for me. You are right, John, it is an amazing world.

Thank you, Susan. Your family and mine always seem to have a lot in common!

Thank you, LiveHappy. I have become as optimistic as you are, I guess.
It is much better than being pessimistic!