The Wake

As I neared death in early 2002, from my burst AVM, the feeling that I had was that I was not to live much longer.
My doctor said the same thing so I wasn't alone in what I thought.

Wife was leading the effort to pray for my recovery, and
she and my daughter were now into religious healing. As I
got worse my wife's friend at work began making plans
for a wake for me. Of course, this is for after my death.

When I got home later from the hospital, wife joked with me
about that wake and how my recovery had messed up all their
plans. I told her that there was going to now be quite a
wait for that wake, and I also laughed. But at that point
really there was no solid reason to suppose that I would
live through the year. But it happened.

My most sincere thanks to those "charismatic" Protestants, and also to those "charismatic renewal" Catholics who prayed for my unlikely recovery. And most of all thanks to who they prayed to. If you need special help in recovering
then I recommend trying the above. It didn't do me any harm!

If I didn't pray I'd go bonkers!

Same here, Karen.

Hi John and Karen, Prayers are one of my recovery focuses and when others have offered to pray for me, I've told them I will gratefully take all prayers coming my way. Thanks for posting this blog, John.

Same here!!! God blessed us. m

To Karen, and Susan, and Maria, and those others who were prayed for...
so faith is still rewarded in the 21st century? I think so!