The waiting is killing me

Been pretty up & down today. Having strange dizzy spells, and tingling in left arm.
Really impatient to get this angiogram, especially after reading on here about everyone’s experiences with the procedure. Very grateful!!

The other thing I have noticed is that I only get headaches at night time, and usually only if I stay up way past my bedtime like 10pm or 11pm, suddenly my head becomes very sore and I just have to go to bed. The headaches are like a heat at the back of my head and a wierd “bubbling” as if there is a kettle boiling in there.
Every morning when I wake up I feel fine - very refreshed and alert! Yesterday I even made it til 9.20am without thinking about my brain - a record! :slight_smile:

hi rosie, i hope you are feeling a little better by the time you get this message.
im not really sure what to say to you.
i understand the ups and downs and especially the waiting part.
try to keep positive thoughts in your mind, try to read a great book, or listen to music.
i have had accupuncture that has improved me alot. (excuse my spelling)
we are here for you, keep us posted on how you are doing. xxxx

Hi Rosie, I get migraines when i’m up a little too late too. I moved my bedtime to more 10pm and now it’s unusual for me. Thank God for DVR and I also have a light protein like milk or oatmeal at 10pm to get a last energy boost when i want to stay up might want to keep an ice pack handy and put it on that ‘hot spot’ at the first sign of symptoms. For some, it works wonders. I massage the area and it helps too. they say to knock out a migraine at the first sign. going to bed is always the way to stop it, and if you’re waking up refreshed, that’s a good thing!stress is a big migraine trigger, so anything music, meditation etc you can do to reduce the stress will help out. It’s impossible to not think about something so hard, so I’d try to focus on something else fun to ‘drown it out’. best of luck to you!
hold in there!