The Unknown

I recently had a brain bleeding event two days after Christmas. The frustrating part is that several MRI's have yet to reveal any concrete information. Waiting to get answers is so hard. Afraid of another bleed. Afraid of what will happen if it does because of its location in my Left Temporal Lobe. My memory has already been affected. Many days I feel great, then some days I feel horrible. It's funny because my mom always told me that many of my issues were "in my head." Guess it turns out she was right!

Augdog314, Unless you are an AVM're, no one will know how you are feeling. You have every write to feel the way you are feeling. As we discussed before, please do research to find the best neurosurgeon you can find in your area! We will always be here to support you! Stay Strong and Stay Positive!

Hi Augdog314! Happy Valentine's Day. Your humorous mention of your mom reminded me that one day after my AVM burst I was ascending the stairs and my son who was about 23 at the time was behind him. Well, I apologized to him for my slowness in climbing the stairs and he responded that it was fine that I had always been slow. So, I told him that I now knew that I was born with my AVM (well I actually have 2 but only knew of the 1st one at this time) and hence my slowness! I wish you only great days!