The transcript

Everything looks great except for ...the examination demonstrates numerous subcentimeter cavernous angiomas (cryptic vascular malformations) scattered throughout both ceberal hemispheres, the brainstem and the cerebellar hemispheres. Most of these are identified only on the hemosiderin sensitive sequenced secondary to chronic vascular oozing. Numerous subcentimeter cavernous angiomas are seen throughout both cerebral hemispheres and the brainstem. In addition, there is a larger cavernous angioma in the left side of the pons which measures 10 mm in diameter. This is not substantially changed from 11/10/2006. there is also a 1.4 cm diameter left parietal white matter enhancing vascular malformation consistant with cavernous angioma which has shown a moderate interval increase in size when compared with 11/10/2006 (which was 8mm then) this also demonstrates chronic blood products consistent with chronic vascular oozing.. no reason for why I have headaches and migrains and some time loose my balance.. yet when I looked this up online for cavernous vascular malformations it can cause seizures and mostly in Mexican decent and is heridetary. what the heck... the last neurologist I went to , said oh its okay those two spots are calsification.. I go to a different one in may ,, maybe that's why I forget things and always have this ringing and locust sound , that I have to have my tv lowd... cause im about sick of hearing it for years... well that's the news any opinions? or any one have any thing like this... it doesn't say anything about possible MS which is good but that's just the guy reading the mri and not the doctor.. more news when I go in may,,, well thought I would share this news,, it wasn't all bad,, cause everything else was good...anyways hope everyone has a wonderful easter!!!