The time has come!

Wow, it is kind of surreal that we have finally gotten to this point. Tomorrow morning my daughter Lindsey will be having her embolization, and on Thursday morning, her craniotomy. My head is pretty much spinning right now. I’m pretty sure I won’t get much sleep tonight, but will try, because I know I will need it for the upcoming week. I appreciate everyone’s prayers, to help us through this next week. I will be posting updates on her CaringBridge site.

Thanks again for all of the support! We look forward to being AVM free!!!

Good luck tomorrow and the days to come. Sending you all lots of positive thoughts, strength and love :slight_smile:
If you feel like someone to talk to I am always here for a chat (day and night)!!
Hanne xxx

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your daughter. Best wishes going forward!!

blessings to you all! All the best!

Praying for you guys! Good luck

my thoughts are with her. All the best

Sending more good thoughts your way. Hang in there! Good luck!

Hi Susan! We are all thinking of Lindsey and your family. She’s a fighter…and she will do great!

I will pray for her-

lots of positive energies and prayers your way…stay strong and keep positive xoxox

Susan: God bless you all and I will go to mass and pray for you all. God is good and she is great hands…her doctors and God’s… Keep positive, you are her rock…I am here if you need to chat! Peace, love and let tomorow being the beginning of total healing and wellness :slight_smile: Mare

Add my prayers, too.

Take care,


I can’t imagine how you are feeling. My thoughts are with you and I wish you strength.