The Therapeutic Vacation

This vacation was several years after my AVM, and cerebral bleed and crainiotomy. It contributed to me escaping
the last side effects of my disaster.

We went out west to the hill country of Utah and started
at what the old time westerners used to call a dude ranch.
Wife had signed us up for a session of horseback riding, and
the only problem was that I had never been on a horse. That
was however not much of a problem because the horses were
very used to the routine and needed little guiding.

As we left we were told that it would last three hours
and that was more than I had bargained for, but it was
too late by then to protest. We went around canyons and through streams and fields. I thought that it would never end, but it did and coming down from the horse I was sore in places that I didn't know I had, and I wasn't the only one. It somehow was very helpful to me.

Couple days later we were at Delicate Arch, a large natural
arch, pictured on Utah's license plate. We stopped and began the trail not knowing how far it was, but we knew
that it was sunny and 104 degrees outside. There was hardly any shade and it turned out to be a mile and a half
each way. We were each over 50, but it was beautiful and
of course it was a dry heat, and so in time we got there.
My photo here on this website was taken there that day,
and was I hot and uncomfortable? Somewhat! When back to the car we went directly to our hotel and collapsed for hours. But it all helped me to recover, and the more I went through things like this the better I got.

If experiences like this do not kill you, then they help you! That is for sure!! This is a very short version of
that happened on that vacation, but hopefully you get the idea. If you need recovering and can stand this sort of may help you as much as it did me.

It's great to know the history of your photo, John. As always, you have shared a terrific story. Thanks.

Thanks for sharing this experience, John. I have never really ridden a horse either so I found your memory very interesting. I like the way you phrased you were sore in places that you didn't know you had for I'm certain that would be me too! I also liked your encouraging ending and I will try to keep your words in mind if we go on a vacation in the near future. My husband just started a new job so there will be no vacations for us for a long time.

Thank you to dancermom and Susan!

Susan, we had to miss our vacation this year as well, but I hope
that you all get to have a nice one next year, and that my wife and I will as well!

Thanks for the wish, John, and I hope you have a lovely vacation next year too!