The surgery

hey everybody i just thought that i would let you know that my surgery went good and it it was a sucess. Iam in so much pain and thismorning i fell in the shower and i started to bleed. my mom felt so bad because of it because she wasnt in the bathroom w/ me but i felt a lil better but i let the pain get ahead of me and i hurt so bad. but i got to see family and i loved it. my leg is so swollen if looks like a basked ball and i cant even wear pints. But the doctor did the bottom of my foot, my whole knee the back and front, and my hip. and i know that iam going to have 2 or 3 ulcers because the vanes were to close to the top layer of my skin they are going to be very big and leave a pretty big hole this will be like my 6 or 7. And i wasnt scared at all i didnt cry or anything. even thought for my i.v. they had to poke my 5 times because my vanes are shot from all the sugeries. but thank you all for the encouragement and support it helped a lot.


Wow, I’m so impressed that you are up and about already. All who are dealing with this are so strong and amazing.

Still, be kind to yourself and not push too much!

yeah…what great news christa…glad all the prayers have paid off…make sure to take it easy and keep that pain under control …dont let it get out of hand…to the point pain killers dont work…glad to hear your up and on your feet already…take carexxx

im so happy to hear that it was a success. however i am sorry to hear you are in a lot of pain and about the ulcers. Take it easy dont push your self to hard. chances are you will think you can do more then you should.
Take care hun =)

I’m very glad you are doing so well after surgery! I bet your so GLAD its OVER!!! I’m praying for you and hoping you get better day by day. :slight_smile:

i’m glad your surgery went well, but i’m sorry to hear that you hurt so bad and about the ulcers. i hope you start to feel better soon; in my opinion, ice cream is a great way to take your mind off of things :). i’ll be praying for you and i’ll talk to you soon!