The road to mobility

Apologies in not having written in a long while, but here's an update.

I am still walking on crutches, Rosie tinks my walking is imrpoving, still keep placing one foot in front of the other from time to time, and I seem to have a tendancy to walk with knees bent, I have to try and keep standing leg straight, to support me, (probably why I fall over), the distance I walk has increased by at least 25%, and I am now trying to do some walking on Wednesday, which will be at home outdoors.

I also have a new gym program which involves me standing a lot more, which I am little unsteady, as I still favour my left side(which is my stronger side), and also I do some exercises lying on my front, but at the moment, as soon as I lay down on my front, my right leg bends at the hip which flips me back on my front, I'm hopeful I can get over this.

That's about it at the moment, speak to you all soon

Hi Shane,

Appreciate the update and applaud the hard work you continue to put into your recovery.

Take care,