The Precursor

It was December, 2001 and I suffered this terrible stomach
flu, I thought, and with it was the worst headache that
I had ever had. I got leave from work and was off maybe
4 or 5 work days. The illness modified slightly but
was still a problem until I saw my MD and was given
an IV which got my strength back. I was not tested for any
other problems. After that I could go back
to work and eat normally again.

But from time to time that year...I would sometimes suffer
episodes of that terrible headache. It seemed to last until
I went to sleep and that was the only way that I could
escape them. This would happen maybe once a month, until
about 13 months later when I collapsed from my AVM bleed and
seemingly the same radical headaches.

Were these things all connected? I will always think so.
Coming back I was sent to rehab where my favorite teacher later told me that she had at first not thought that they
could help me because I was so far gone. But it helped in time. I hope things also work out for all of you here!

Took me awhile to see this. Yes, yes, yes, those symptoms were so related to each other and the AVM.