The Plan for Now

I met with my neurosurgeon today to discuss options and to plan based on the angiogram. The great news, no more angiograms! He said that even if I wait to operate, he won’t need another, and I won’t need follow up angiograms after surgery. Due to the size, surgery is my only real option aside from watchful waiting. Surgery will likely be a two day procedure carried out over several hours each day. The morbidity estimate was 10-20%, with the major risk being left sided paralysis. When push comes to shove, I think surgery is the way to go for me. We decided that waiting until I finish medical school (April 2011), would be the very best option. After that, fingers crossed, I will take a nice recovery before starting my residency.

My family went along with me to the visit and they really liked the neurosurgeon. It was nice to hear how confident he made them feel.

I’ve signed the forms and we will play around with the operating room times to find the perfect date. I’ll get a nice buzz cut the day of, and look forward to a healthy recovery. Let the waiting begin!

Take care,


Hello Vera !
Excellent news , no angios !
Your thoughtful planning , your medical team , your family ( I incude Ben …) makes for the strongest possible foundation for you .
Keep this up woman , before long you WILL become the FINE physician you are intended to be .
Positive thoughts , loving prayers and hugs all around there !!

Vera I am so happy for you! Everything seems to be falling in the right places. Good luck with everything.

Good Luck Vera!

Vera,Hope everything works out for you,and you have a healthy recovery!Take care,Teresa

Best wishes!


Hey Vera,
Glad to hear you are a candidate for crainiotomy, that’s gotta be a relief to know atleast you now have plan!:slight_smile: Know that ur ducks are all in a row and now enjoy ur upcoming nuptuals and have some fun!:)…Please keep us posted, ur avmer friends will be thinking about you! -GK

Hi Vera,
I hope this finds you well and happy. I’m glad to hear that things are progressing for you. What else have you been doing with your life? (we sometimes have to put the AVM on the back burner and just get on with it). I am looking for a man at the moment, have decided its time, I have been on my own for over 3 years, that is enough, mind you in saying that, its working out to be harder than I remember, no one has knocked on my door recently, fingers crossed it won’t take to long. Other than that, I have had a nasty chest infection, which I am getting over.
Take care
Amanda J