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The pain in my heart


Sometimes I can feel my heart pounding and it feels like my heart is being squeezed, not sure if others have these symptoms. Please share your ART!!!


I dont have the pain in my heart but constant pain in my head


Again, its a great piece of art. If you’re not doing this semi-professionally, I think maybe you should!

I’m more of a photographer, myself, but only holiday-snaps. I’ll show you a couple. I did paint the following poppies, after the style of a German artist whose name escapes me…


But usually, I like composition and repeating patterns…

The following is the roof of a teacup ride at Disneyland, I think.

Next is a view of Plymouth, UK, coloured. There was the same picture in our hotel room and i liked it so much, I took my own version.

Also in here is a cropped photo of my son, looking quite the Darth Vader, as he got ready for paintballing. I enjoyed getting the crop and the contrast right in that one. (They’re right for me, anyway).

And another repeating pattern, the mechanics of Difference Engine No 2 at the Science Museum.

Hope you like!



Wow! Its just beautiful, very delicate.


These are great! These last couple years I’ve just been getting into photography mainly because I was so in love with my farm animals(which I had to give away when I got sick :sweat:but hoping to get some of them back once I figure out my living situation) I do like how you’ve captured the scenes. I look at things like that and think I’m getting an interesting photo but they don’t turn out right. Yay for art!