The One Week Countdown

So in exactly a weeks time i should be waking up from my first embolisation, not sure exactly how i'm feeling about this right now cause my mind is currently going insane. They've told me i'm allowed one day of bed rest and then the next morning they will be getting me up to walk around. The last time I was in the hospital was almost a year ago for my Angio and that ended up in me fainting so ekk! Can't wait to see how this ends up, at least it gets me a mini holiday from work!!!

Hi, my son, 4 and half years old, started to show a dark patch on his thigh from half year ago. Since this is no pain, just itchy from time to time. Doctors don’t suggest to do any treatment. I wish you would get great treatment result! Keep in touch. Good luck! Pat and hug… Jessica

Hi Kat best of luck with you procedure. :slight_smile:

Good luck Kat. Try not to think about it to much.

Good luck with the procedure.

Take care,


It is funny you call your embo a mini vacation from work. I called my 7 months out a Neurologication. Like a staycation, but with brain surgery and no white sand beaches or frosty tropical drinks. :) Good luck with your embo!!!