The Long Road Back


My cerebral AVM, and bleed came in 2002,
and I had at the time no idea at all that a ticking
time bomb, so to speak, was in my head.

They removed my AVM a week or two after my bleed,
but at first they still thought that I would die from it,
or be brain dead. But for awhile I was beyond caring.
Wife was told that I might never recover fully, and
so what did she want the Drs. to do for me?

Wife later told me that she had already had our children,
and at her age she was afraid she would not be able
to ever find someone else to remarry. She did not want to be alone, so she asked them to do all they could to bring me back. It required 5 years to bring me back close to what I had been, but in time it came.

I am thankful to still be around. I gave away one
daughter at her wedding, and still being around in
2018 can be sweet.

I hope for all AVM survivors the same or better!


You’re definitely an inspiration to me! I’m barely going on one year this August and I keep giving it my all while my fiancé seems to have given up a while back, I literally try doing everything myself. All he does is shower me and make food while complaining about it. The only thing that keeps me going is the hope that even if it takes years I can get anywhere close to the old me. I have a 2 year old and I’m honestly doing it for him.


John, thanks for sharing, very inspiring, you are blessed to have such a wife, cherish her, be strong and continue to fight the good fight, take care,


Teiry, be strong and keep fighting, you will get there it just takes time, you have a great attitude and are right on track, you have come along way in a short time, keep doing what your doing and don’t look back, we are all here for you and know that your not alone, this is temporary and it does get better, trust me I’ve been doing this for over 30 years, POSITIVE !! be strong and carry on, take care and keep us posted,


Thank you so much! :pray::slight_smile:


Teiry… I would reiterate what electrician said; stay strong, keep fighting and stay positive… it’s a long journey but you’ll get there!


Thank you Mike :slight_smile:


Very inspiring ,John I wish you all the best. I’m 5 years into it and getting closer but still not all the way back


What I am told is that every AVM case is different,
somewhat different anyway. My hope and prayer for
you is a full recovery.


My book is called “the ticking timebomb



I’m so glad you’re still around! A testimony like yours tells us that miracles still happen. AVM’s don’t have to be a death sentence. We can still live productive lives and find joy in the things and people we love. I’ve been on my AVM journey for almost 4 years and I’m still fighting to have the best life that I can. Thanks for your testimony. I really needed to hear it today.

Sharon D…


Teiry, and Mike54, and all those AVM survivors who
are not quite back to where they need to be.
The doctors most definitely do not know everything, and
if they seem to think that you will never fully recover…
don’t you believe it. Don’t give up.
It can happen. Each of you can write well, and that is a
reflection of the real you.
Yours in health, John