The light in my life

After all my negative words and feelings I feel I have to think of the good thing in life. sometimes you just get stuck in a circel of black thoughts.

Feeling sorry for my self is not getting me anywere, It´s not taking me forward to the recovery of both body and soul that this Illness acctually put´s you through.

I am happy to be alive! I can wake up, be a mother and hug my beautiful kids everyday! I can make every day for the rest of my life worth something.

I can listen to a friend in need and be the support they need in hard times. I can make another human being smile just by giving them a smile, I can make the world a better place. All because I wont give up!

Even when the day´s seem black and it feels like there´s no return I can close my eyes and see the sun through the clouds. I can trust in the people I love to stand by my side, to take me through good times and bad times.

I am a fighter! I am a survivor, I am alive