THe life of a seven year AVF, It didn't conquer me, I conquered it! by Joy Gordon

Hi everyone this is my story i've taken a lot of time writing about my life and living with this condition I have included photos as well as I hope this could help someone who maybe wouldn't know what to expect like me a few years ago The%20life%20of%20a%20seven%20year%20AVF.docx

Joy, I read your story and yay for you! Good for you including pictures and God bless your husband and you abundantly!

Joy, what a fantastic tale of tragedy, trials, tears and ultimately victory! Thanks for sharing hope with everyone who is traveling down a similar road to yours.

Thank you Tim thats so nice yes i thought that while doing it even if it helped at least one person or was a bit of extra information for them if they were going through the same experience it was worth it. joy Gordon Northern Ireland :)

That was truly a wonderful story. So happy for you.

wow your story sound exactly like mine. i had open surgery on october 5 2013. which didnt help the avf came back and twice as strong. i wish i was out of the water. i got radiation to try and scar the avfs to stop them that could take up to years to fully scar