The journey continues

Much to my surprise I called my investor, not that there is much but non the less I have some, only to find that I had been so very kind to myself when I was 20 and took out a disability policy. I called to get some retirement money and was informed I am disabled!? I thought that meant I couldn’t work at all but NOOOOOO just the fact I am tired and can not do what I used to do is enough. I am so very blessed in so many ways from falling and finding my AVM to you guys and now this huge burden of finances is being lifted. How can one person be so very blessed is humbling to me. Check your polices if you got 'em!

What a great little story to share!!! Love when things just fall into place when you need them to. Totally good karma coming back to you. :slight_smile: So glad to hear that things are going well for you. I sincerely hope that this feeling of being blessed stays with you through the rest of your journey! :slight_smile:

Great to hear about the disability policy. Congrats!

Take care,


Congratulations to you on your disability policy! I recently was awarded a disability retirement from my employer because I cannot do what I used to do. For me, it was hard to accept myself in this new role because I was so happy at work. Now that two weeks have passed, however, I am beginning to appreciate that my energy–all of it–belongs to me! I don’t have to spend any of it on employment. I spend it on enjoyment–and on taking very good care of myself. Good luck to YOU in this new era in your life!!!

Yes! I signed up for disability insurance only a couple months before my diagnosis! Thank goodness for that! Sometimes we find luck in our lives despite the very unlucky brain abnormality:)


Good luck there, I should have got one, if only!