The journey begins

Hey all,

Well I'm kinda getting to know my around the site now...I have to say you're all wonderful and amazing people with the support you give considering what you're all going through.

Well 1st appointment ever with neuro's was sadly missed....we had amazing snow so I have to wait (not sure how long) for another. Took a pile of advise off you all and feel much better now I know I have things in place for my kiddies ready for when I'm being treated/recovering. It's reassuring knowing they'll be ok whatever happens.

Fingers crossed I get an appointment very soon and to all of you, have a wonderful Christrmas and a very happy and healthy new year <3

Aww, Sarah, disappointed for you that your neuro appt. is having to be re-scheduled. Have to get there safely though, but you'll get there.

It can't hurt to have a little extra time to get ready and knowing everything you want to have taken care of is.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday too. =-)


Tis the season to get snow stranded. Use the extra time to think about all the questions you want answered and be sure to ask them all no matter how silly they may be. Merry Christmas to you as well and a very Happy New Year.